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New Jersey is located in the northeastern and middle Atlantic region of the country and is home of spectacular sites and history.In the 19th century, several cities across the state aided in the Industrial Revolution and New Jersey has been a huge industrial contributor ever since. Aside from the rich history and picturesque views of the sea all across the state, New Jersey has an economy with several different spectrums and residents that need security systems.

New Jersey's economy is mostly made up of pharmaceutical industry, finance, chemical development, telecommunications, food processing, electrical, printing, publishing, food processing, agriculture, energy, production, and of course, tourism. All of these facets in the economy demand the use of security cameras to make their businesses more efficient. From deterring criminal activity to encouraging employees to be more productive while on the job, security cameras from CCTV is the right choice for any business owner. We have a huge selection and can help you find the perfect system for your company; whether it's a single camera or one of our largest systems you need, we've got it.

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911gates is a full service installation provider of Security Cameras. We provide 24 hour monitoring services, remote storage solutions and have affordable maintenance plans. We are a one stop shop for all your internal business systems with high value business solution packages tailored to your industry.Town officials decided to move ahead with the surveillance project after a visit to Hazelton, Pennsylvania,according to CNN affiliate WFMZ. In the neighboring town, store owners and city officials worked together to install a wireless security system across the town. Businesses paid $1,000 each for the cameras, and the city took care of infrastructure and monitoring, WFMZ reports.

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Though Phillipsburg officials say a wireless system may be right for their needs, they are still investigating all possibilities. Council members said they would take resident concerns over privacy into consideration when deciding whether to install a system, according to WFMZ.Recently, the city councils of Chester, Ohio, and Ashland, Pennsylvania, also took up the security camera issue,debating whether to install cameras on city property to help reduce crime, according to local news sources.This article is brought to you by Protect America - the leading distributor of state-of-the-art GE Wireless Home Security Systems. Protect America protects homes across the US from intrusion, theft, fire, flooding, medical emergencies and more with 24/7 Cellular, Broadband and Landline Monitoring and cutting edge technology.

New Jersey Security Cameras

With a grant of $150,000.00 from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (DOT), Lakewood Township has implemented an airport security project that is designed to protect area residents and businesses 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a number of secure surveillance cameras placed throughout the airport zone. According to Steven Reinman, the director of economic development for Lakewood, the Lakewood security camera project is the first one in the state to go online. The security cameras provide remote access to airport management and to the police department. Reinman says, “This will allow appropriate airport personnel and the police department to monitor the airport and its surrounding area. If, heaven forbid, there was any kind of incident at the airport, the New Jersey DOT will not only have remote access but will actually be able to take control of the system and monitor events as they unfold.The cameras cover the runways, the hangars, and even the front area of the airport, among other views and multiple angles. Because the security system is motion sensitive, it starts recording immediately. “It’s fascinating,” says Reinman. We recently had different views of a difficult landing, which I had an opportunity to watch with the Fixed Base Operator. We were able to observe in great detail the approach and landing, which would allow the FAA or DOT to effectively assess any incidents captured by the system.”Lakewood Deputy Mayor Steven Langert, who is the Township liaison to the airport, says, “The implementation of these cameras is an important first step in our plans to upgrade and promote the airport. Up until recently, the only security at the airport was a perimeter fence installed to deter three-wheelers and unwelcomed visitors.”

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Both Deputy Mayor Langert and Reinman expressed their appreciation to Bert Albert who initiated and oversaw the security camera project. “Upgrading the airport is one of the priorities for the Township because of its economic potential,” says Reinman. “To that end, we are working with the FAA and the DOT on various development programs. Further improvements will contribute to enhanced value for the business community because of the proximity of the airport to the Lakewood Industrial/Business Park; FirstEnergy Stadium, home of the Lakewood BlueClaws; and the rest of Lakewood Township.” (Thank you Frances Kirschner).

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Security Cameras can provide a peace of mind like no other service you have. Combine that with a television installation and you can watch your camera system anywhere in the house. Being able to see first hand provides you the confidence you need to feel comfortable while away! You can even have the ability for motion detection which can directly alert you via SMS text message while you are away. Your options are endless and when paired with a DVR system you can be sure to have important events in your home recorded at the touch of a button! We offer a variety of installation options for security systems, some which allow for remote viewing of your home from anywhere you have an internet connection. Imagine being able to check on your home and pets while you are at the office by viewing over your smartphone, Ipad, or desktop computer. Pre wiring your new home for a security system can cut costs in the long run so schedule a consultation today!